Peace Now

The following was cobbled together from several emails to friends and associates in the immediate aftermath of 9.11.01. It is as relevant now as it was then:

I feel it is now very clear. We have crossed a threshold. All activists, all visionaries and lightworkers and change agents and cultural creatives need to come together as one. Now. We are well past the moment for unleashing a new vision for civilization. A vision based on love and peace and harmony and joy.

We must gather to bond all social, humanitarian, and ecological causes as one. For they are all one. Proprietary actions will help no one, and will only fracture. We must become One Movement, and present our visions to all people of the world.

Yes, something has turned. We will never be the same again, as a nation or a planetary civilization. I feel as many activists must feel at the moment - bursting with ideas, yet feeling impotent in how to reach everyone. What to do first, what to do next. Ecologically, politically, and culturally we are facing so many challenges, it is easy to get overwhelmed. And we don’t overwhelm easily.

We have been down this road before – violence begets violence, hatred begets hatred, war begets war. It is that simple. It is a Universal Law. And yet, we have no ‘leaders’ who grasp this Universal Law, at least not publicly. Those that have a glimmer feel they need to please their ‘constituency’, who are ostensibly screaming for vengeance. We can show them a new way.

I am angry as well, and it is not only with the terrorists. We are all culpable for letting the situation get to this point. We have all been asleep at the wheel. We were given a Garden, yet we find ourselves hanging by a thread. All governments are corrupt. Everyone uses everyone else. Isn’t it about time for our civilization to evolve beyond this 5th grade playground mentality?! An eye for an eye accomplishes one thing only - many people lose their sight. We have evolved beyond this way of reacting. We need to embrace peace and joy and compassion and empathy, or else we lose the planet. It is that simple.

Some say ‘the world is screwed up, let it burn’. That is cowardly, as cowardly as the attack on our buildings and citizenry. This world is beautiful, absolutely astounding in its wonders and lifeforms. It is not to be disregarded. We are here to ascend, not to give up. And here is where we take our stand. All peacemakers must come together at this moment. We must all be heard – not as discordant notes, but as an orchestra of unity.

It is time. Let us gather. We need to set meeting times and places. We need to put our cards on the table. What do we want our civilization to look like? How would we like it to function? If it can be dreamed, it can be done. If it is called forth by many, it will be done.

The preseason is over – these games count. And I’ll be damned if I let the warmongers and profiteers call the shots any longer.

If not us, who? If not now, when?

This is a call to action. It is time. Let us gather.