Conscious / Cosmic Evolution

The next great wave of evolution will not be biological, it will be social and cultural. It will be primarily a conscious process. What is referred to as the metaphysical will become physical as we tap the potential of our minds. We will begin comprehending physical properties of the Universe that are only now being unveiled. This information becomes even more profound when its relationship with ancient wisdom is inferred. Rather than being perceived as quaint, we will recognize that indigenous wisdom has something relevant to tell us.

Some of these evolutionary concepts that have been around for millennia, and have either been dismissed or ignored, are being validated. Under the auspices of modern science, their veracity is being proven. For instance, the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University is studying the effects of consciousness on inert physical systems. Non-invasive healings are becoming commonplace. The concept of souls and 'we are all one' is no longer prone to receiving automatic jeers.

Can we comprehend the Mind of God? Is there a Grand Plan? A Meaning of Life? Where is truth and where is fiction when it comes to reincarnation? What is the significance of sacred geometry and chaos theory? Will there ever be a genuine unified theory of space, time, matter, and energy? Will this unified theory tease consciousness into its equations? Questions such as these have tugged at the edges of our perception for centuries. They are being answered now. As we study the links between quantum physics, cosmology, and spirituality there is a burgeoning respect for theories that, until quite recently, were viewed as wild-eyed.

The metaphysical will become physical ~ the paranormal will become normal ~ the supernatural will become natural. We will become more compassionate, intuitive, and gentle. We will sense energy shifts, embrace the sixth sense, be accepting of all creatures and forms of expression. We have but started on the road to true wisdom, a road that will usher in a Golden Age of Understanding.


What would our world look like if the preceding principles were our guides? It should be apparent by the above descriptions that what I am calling for is a world that is far less human-centered and more geared towards the bigger picture of Nature. I view Nature as one of the strongest and most palpable manifestations of what many people would call God. Thus, natural laws and principles will always be more inclusive and representative of Creation than human contrived methods of conforming and controlling Nature.

However, what would such a civilization look like? How would it function? What would people do? Would the transition be more or less seamless, or would society experience drastic upheavals? One can always picture scenarios in the mind's eye, and certainly I have done that on thousands of occasions with the present work, but there comes a time when the scenarios have to be boiled down to concrete proposals.

I mentioned earlier that all of these points are interconnected. They all influence each other to some degree. The next question logically becomes - how? Perhaps one way of beginning to see this vision in more concrete terms is to group the above points into more manageable configurations. These configurations can then be used to look at more than one category at a time. When undertaking complex observations, behavioral scientists often group objects / concepts together using a technique known as Factor Analysis. It is a way of seeing what is really going on within any particular experiment.

I began such a process for The Blueprint. Granted, this process is not entirely scientific, nor is it complete. However, it is an initial attempt to jump-start the process, to convey what is being proposed in less abstract terms. There was an intuitive sense that the 15 points could be classified into five main 'spheres of engagement'. These spheres of engagement can best be identified as: Physical/Infrastructure, Social/Cultural, Intellectual/Mental, Psychological/Emotional, and Intuitive/Spiritual.

Next, I endeavored to place each of The Blueprint points into those spheres that felt most natural. Rather than an all-or-nothing proposition, I decided to allocate weighted values so that each point was represented within each sphere of engagement to some degree. Let me see if I can explain this more coherently. When implemented, how will each of the points interact with our reality, i.e. on what level(s) will each point engage our existing societal and personal mechanisms / processes? How will it touch our lives? The details of my admittedly meager analysis revealed that every sphere accumulated from two to five categories. These can be considered to be the points that are most analogous to each other, although certainly not identical. Perhaps a way of thinking about this analysis is that the clusters of emphases are most likely to be 'felt' in like fashion as they are assimilated into existing society.

What feels right is to then take individual elements, preferably those that cluster in the same sphere, and compare how they will interact with each other. Starting with dyads and exhausting every combination; then moving to triads and continuing the analysis; and so on. Following this phase, the spheres of engagement themselves can be analyzed. Eventually, we will have fleshed out a first draft of how The Blueprint will actually look and perform as it 'hits the ground'. We will move from theory to research - the next step will naturally be implementation.


Realistically, the pursuit of a working model for an ideal civilization should come from the people who will be living in it. Thus, this analysis ought to be performed by every person alive. One can imagine the chaos that would ensue from such an exercise. It seems practical and fair for those who have made it their livelihood to study these issues to have first crack at the analysis. As the issues are being chiseled and refined, they can be presented to ever-widening circles of citizens.

I envision a series of conferences and symposia where the 'best and brightest' gather to hash out the details of The Blueprint. These visionaries can be chosen from nonprofit organizations, progressive think tanks, citizens' advocacy groups, and the spiritual community. Their task will be to thoroughly analyze every aspect of The Blueprint, covering every conceivable format of implementation. Then a process of meshing the points, as mentioned above, by comparing dyads, triads, and entire spheres of engagement.

In time, a system will coalesce . . . crude at first, growing more sophisticated as additional components are added to the matrix. As the ideas are disseminated to ever-widening audiences, there will be a further process of sharing and explaining these concepts to those who are unfamiliar with them. It will be crucial to gather interested people at specific times and places and analyze this together. Anyone who is moved in a proactive way by the ideas presented here is eligible. Certainly, there will be trepidation by some, perhaps many. This is why an open, honest dialogue is essential - there is no reason to be secretive about anything. We aim to show people that there are practical ways of existing in harmony, peace, and beauty, and that it actually makes the greatest sense to do so.


I have heard many people say "Heck, let this civilization collapse - it is beyond repair anyway. Besides, another one will rise up to take its place." So, is this what we are to settle for? Let the warmongers and profiteers have their victory, without billions of peaceful souls having a say in the outcome? I proclaim this cowardice, much more so than terrorism. If we do not speak out for what we know in our deepest hearts to be right, then why do we think it will happen in the next civilization?! We are here now for a reason.

We are surrounded by so much beauty - I am not willing to give up on it. And neither should anyone else. I do not believe that many people - even fatalistic ones - would say that the Purpose of Life is to incarnate, treat everyone and everything callously, lay waste to all living systems, sit around helplessly while ruthless individuals take control of society, then watch dispassionately as the whole thing goes up in flames. However, this will be our destiny and our place in history if we do not wake up.

The previous paragraph may seem harsh. It is not this author's intention to point fingers, because that finger could just as easily point back at me. We are all in this together. Besides, there is nothing productive about the 'blame and shame' game - environmentalists have been utilizing this strategy for decades, with only a modicum of success. Such language is intended only to shake people from their slumber, a slumber that is not entirely self-induced.

I will say this with the strongest conviction I can muster ~ we hold the power to transform our civilization into anything we choose it to be. Why are we not choosing what we say we stand for? We proclaim ourselves noble creatures, filled with love and compassion. I say to you now - look around. This is not what the world mirrors. Again, we hold the power.

Readers may disagree with my specific points. They may look askance on how I have categorized the issues, on the equality I have endowed each issue, on the fact I have categorized to begin with, etc, etc. There may be much hand-wringing over the details. Let us not abandon ship over the details. Let us first agree that our current situation bears much improvement. Let us first accept the notion that our effort in maintaining our civilization has been less than exemplary. Let us first come to grips with the fact that our evolution as a species is at a crossroads. There will be time to meet and hammer out the particulars.

It is important to build a consensus around the vision we hold for ourselves and the world. I am not suggesting that anyone capitulate to my particular vision. However, there is a sense that much time and energy are being expended for efforts that could more effectively be pursued in a collaborative fashion. As long as individuals and organizations working for ecosocial improvement continue to compete for money and notoriety, they are simply feeding into the current dominant paradigm of divisiveness. This paradigm has cost us much.

What is clear is that at this time in history, we cannot afford to be proprietary. A mutual, concerted effort by all is necessary to bring about the changes that will lead to the next stage in our evolutionary journey. As a Hopi prophecy reminds us: "The time of the lone wolf is over - gather yourselves."

We all have something to say. No one is here to be subjugated - to be someone else's chattel. As stated earlier, everyone and everything matters - nobody is grist for the mill.

Clearly, the moment has arrived for all those concerned about the fate of our world to rise as one voice, at one time, in unison. We are the ones to usher in a society based on peace, harmony, justice, love, and joy. This is not naivete ~ this is our destiny.

  1. Deep Ecology / Biodiversity
  2. Conservation Biology
  3. Bioregionalism / Ecovillages
  4. Voluntary Simplicity
  5. Organics
  6. Regional Economies
  7. Cultural Diversity
  8. Soft Technology
  9. Ecopsychology / Gaia Hypothesis
  10. Negative Population Growth
  11. Human Rights / Non-violence
  12. Green Politics
  13. Natural Health & Healing
  14. Alternative Education / Whole-Brain Learning
  15. Conscious / Cosmic Evolution