Natural Health & Healing

Disease has become big business in this country. Emergency room visits and hospital costs are factored into this country's gross national product. Does this seem right? When did death and disease become big business? Sickness and disease are not natural states of being - health and vitality are.

Clearly, something is amiss. We can look at health and sickness as opposite ends of a spectrum. Since there is a choice, why are we not choosing health? Why are we driving ourselves to illness? Our workaholic lifestyles can be altered - our nutritional habits can be vastly improved - our mental and emotional states can be seen as a gateway to well-being. As we believe, so shall it be.

We have the choice and the power to determine what we eat, how we treat our bodies, and what type of emotional outlook we have on life. We are the ultimate authorities on this - not doctors. Everyone has this innate wisdom within themselves. It only needs to be tapped into, listened to.

Further, we are beginning to realize a most profound lesson. Not only does our emotional state affect our ability to stay healthy, but sickness and disease can be cured by the mind. This level of healing combines the best of ancient traditions and modern advances in energy fields and quantum reality. Prayer can cure the once incurable. Even prayer over long distances has a healing effect. Clearly, there is something going on here that is way beyond conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals.

This will be the next stage of health. We will embrace good nutrition and exercise, positive states of mind, and non-invasive methods of curing disease and imbalances if they occur. Reiki, aromatherapy, ayurveda, biorhythms / biofeedback, yoga, meditation, and massage are examples of techniques that are being utilized to promote a state of wellness and healthfulness.

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