Human Rights / Non-violence

These are two core concepts that nearly everyone agrees on, but which have never been achieved in the recorded history of our civilization. No one, not a soul alive, should live in fear because of any physical, cultural, religious, etc characteristics, tendencies, preferences, etc. We can, and must, live in a world embodied by joy and harmony - a world devoid of threats, violence (implied or actual), tyranny, secrecy, and hidden agendas in foreign policy. There is absolutely no imaginable reason why we cannot accomplish this.

Every citizen on the globe has inalienable rights, best summed up by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Any pledge, treaty, manifesto, agreement, etc that has ever been recognized as tantamount to human rights must be honored. No government or armed forces has the right to intimidate, harass, torture, exploit, or remove any persons, for any reason.

There really is no need to defend this principle, and yet here we are in the 21st Century, striving as never before for equality and respect for all. We hold the power to achieve such a society. If we will it to be, it will be done.

  1. Deep Ecology / Biodiversity
  2. Conservation Biology
  3. Bioregionalism / Ecovillages
  4. Voluntary Simplicity
  5. Organics
  6. Regional Economies
  7. Cultural Diversity
  8. Soft Technology
  9. Ecopsychology / Gaia Hypothesis
  10. Negative Population Growth
  11. Human Rights / Non-violence
  12. Green Politics
  13. Natural Health & Healing
  14. Alternative Education / Whole-Brain Learning
  15. Conscious / Cosmic Evolution