Voluntary Simplicity

A rapidly growing choice for many people, voluntary simplicity is the concept of doing more with less. Essentially, quality of life takes precedence over quantity of things. The overcommercialization of present society robs individuals, especially children, of a sense of adequacy. There are currently several organizations (most notably Seeds of Simplicity) working to reverse the over-reliance on material possessions, and the waste and crime that follows from such a paradigm.

Deceptive and psychologically damaging advertising has led to a consumer mentality that benefits only the already wealthy. We can break this mentality, teach our children to do likewise, and purchase what we need (not what manufacturers and corporations tell us we cannot do without). There is a simple way to ease the burden on the planet and ourselves, and ending the corporate domination of our lives - disengage from it.

Advertising, by its very nature, is psychological. An entity wants you to purchase a product or service, and they'll need to convince you to do so. This is all part of free-market capitalism. However, when does it cross the line into the deceptive, the damaging, and the sinister? When does our over-consumptive lifestyle threaten the planet? People can be educated about the subliminal effects of advertising, so they are empowered to see through the veil of slick campaigns and value themselves beyond their material possessions (or lack thereof).

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